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Free Online Piano Course

Pianoforall Evaluation: Does it Measure up to All the Buzz?

Pianoforall is a great on the internet piano program.

Pianoforall has more than 250,000 trainees. It is an on-line piano training course that’s very popular. They utilize a chord-based method to training that permits you to “play first, ask concerns later on” and also will have you playing like an expert right away. Free Online Piano Course

Robin Hall, the creator of his e-book, states it will certainly instruct you just how to play piano by ear, make up songs, as well as improvisate. Each lesson is made to aid you relocate from one ability to another in a very short time, in a sensible fashion.

Testimonials show that 20-30 minutes of daily practice is all it considers you to sound excellent in a matter of days.

Just how does Pianoforall really function? Is it able to meet its guarantees? Continue reading to find out if Pianoforall is right for you.



” Piano for all” is rather flexible in terms of what you’ll require to utilize the training course, but a piano or keyboard is clearly non-negotiable.

It is far better to have a 61-key key-board to practice than not having one at all.

If you are serious about finding out the piano, nonetheless, I advise that you update to an 88-key digital key-board with totally heavy tricks as soon feasible.

Most key-boards with 61 secrets are either unweighted or partially heavy. This makes them really feel lighter than an acoustic key-board.

The digital pianos have 88 hammer-action keys, which attempt to mimic the feel of an acoustic key-board as very closely as feasible. This aids with finger stamina and method.

You have the option to download and install e-books onto your Mac or Android.

You will need to download and install the cost-free digital book visitor kotobee if you have a Windows COMPUTER. This will certainly enable you to view all video clips as well as listen to the audio clips embedded within the e-books.

The exact same app is needed for Android tools. It can be downloaded and install without Google Play.

You can likewise use the default Publications application if you have an iPad, iPhone or Mac.

The Pianoforall web site has actually detailed directions as well as links for the downloads, in addition to a comprehensive troubleshooting area for when the set up isn’t going smoothly, so no concerns there.

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With your single acquisition of the course, you’ll obtain:

Nine e-books and also one benefit book. These comprehensive e-books cover a variety of styles of piano songs. They consist of chords, songs, exercises, and also concept. Below, I will go in information regarding each book.

200 video clip lessons – These video clips are embedded in the electronic book and reinforce skills with keyboard demonstrations from Robin Hall.

He plays the lesson on a reduced keyboard while an animated keyboard over programs you which notes he is playing, making it clear which notes you must play, what your hands should resemble, as well as exactly how it needs to seem.

500 audio workouts and tunes – These lie beside each workout to assist you recognize just how it ought to sound. Auditory students will especially benefit from paying attention per exercise prior to you attempt it. Free Online Piano Course


Each electronic book covers a different facet of piano playing and also improves each other so that you are placing the skills you’ve discovered into method.

Besides Book Nine, which can be utilized at any time, you must review guides in order.


The first book is an intro to both the program as well as the keyboard.

It starts by mentioning the main concept of Pianoforall: it is essential to build a structure of rhythms and chords prior to you can begin developing improv and also melody structure abilities.

It introduces you to the notes on the keyboard and after that jumps right away right into playing some standard three-note chords, reminded you that like finding out guitar, it’s more vital to play than to fret about the concept at this beginning.

Publication One introduces standard rhythm and also musical notation.

Standard educational programs have a tendency to spend some time on rhythm exercises and note-naming, but this section is really quickly. To understand the later workouts, you’ll likely have to go back to it over and over.

The book continues by revealing you exactly how to utilize the household of chords, as well as likewise introducing a rhythm that is connected with popular music.

In Publication One, you will discover ten basic rhythms as well as 11 chords.

It assumes that you will be reading songbooks and analyzing chord signs. It will certainly show you exactly how to react to seventh or lower icon chords.

By the end of the book, you need to have the ability to play the chords and also rhythms of numerous pop music while you and/or a good friend sing the tune.

You ought to also be capable of playing the beautiful and brief “Remarkable Broken Chord Ballad.”



Schedule 2 expands on your understanding and also teaches you how to combine blues rhythms with chords.

The very first idea that it highlights is that you ought to practice left hand rhythms far more than the right-hand man, till you can play them in your sleep.

This publication is much shorter than the first, it still educates 5 blues rhythms as well as just how to play a 12-bar blues in any type of secret.



Book 3 is extremely heavy. It will educate you all the chords for every single key, along with their inversions.

It additionally consists of an “all chords memory trick”, which makes it less complicated to use the details dump, in addition to many practice progressions that will certainly help you master the new product.

You’ll additionally run into the “cycle of fifths” (commonly called the “circle of fifths”), a concept suggested to encourage you to practice every one of the keys, teach you the relationship in between them, and assist you comprehend the general framework of songs.



This publication will remain to reveal you exactly how to play chords utilizing chord symbols discovered within songbooks. It begins with a magic formula for messing around with some advanced chords.

A Barry Manilow-inspired piece called “Manilow State of mind” will certainly have you learning new musical gadgets before you try to create a Manilow-style composition of your own.

Next off, you will certainly find cluster chords and decreased chords. There are numerous practice progressions.

Guide ends up solid with a lesson on Beatles styling and also a long list of Beatles tunes, which you can have fun with the rhythms as well as chords you know.



Book 5 uses a step-by, action overview for producing your own song-like ballads.

The procedure encourages trial and error with left-hand chord patterns and the forgiving pentatonic scale.

This book educates you exactly how to improvise as well as offers you concepts for melody, left-hand patterns, and chord developments.

You’ll find out how to use the ballad process for songs that you currently know, constructing “Auld Lang Syne from the base up.”

This publication consists of sheet music for several lovely ballads that you will enjoy playing.

These are the initial items of the program to be able to stand alone as solo piano pieces, considering that this book is the initial to cover tune comprehensive.

The melody lines for numerous widely known Christmas carols are additionally offered, however you’ll have to exercise your skills by including the left hand yourself.



This area is very content-heavy, you will certainly be able to construct a solid structure in jazz and blues.

It begins by educating you exactly how to get a “bluesy” audio using the blues range, blues chords, and various other techniques, before proceeding to jazz.

As opposed to find out to review intricate jazz rhythms, you’re motivated to find out the rhythms by paying attention to and replicating the audio clips.

Schedule Six guides you through jazz in four secrets. It additionally gives you several suggestions as well as techniques to jazz improvisation and provides numerous practice options.

You’ll discover everything about quartal consistency before finishing up with a comprehensive lesson in seventh chords.



Reserve Seven expands on Book 2, including your innovative chord expertise to cries rhythms you currently recognize and brand-new right-hand chords.

You’ll also discover blues devices, such as tremolo, slides, and also turnarounds.

This book’s second section educates you exactly how to stride piano. It is phony and genuine. The distinction is the length of your “stride”.

The section upright a high note with “The Artist”, which allows you to place your expertise right into technique.



This section depends heavily on sheet music. We will begin with a review of musical notation, in addition to a lesson on key signatures and also new icons. You will also discover valuable suggestions for exercising.

Hall instructs you to sight reviewed songs “the Pianoforall means,” which means looking out for familiar chords and concepts, which the notes that are sharp or flat as a result of the key signature are given in red for simple detecting.

You’ll be able to play timeless piano items including significant names such as Beethoven, Bach as well as Chopin.

If your goal is to play more sheet music items after taking the Pianoforall program I recommend that you spend a lot of time in this area. You can exercise your analysis, pedaling as well as tone skills.



Hall thought of the title of the book, which is all based upon scales, sets of three and arpeggios. These are the “veggies” of playing the piano.

If my piano instructor had referred to this area as “speed understanding,” I maybe would have been much more eager to sit down as well as do it.

Nevertheless, as guide states (and as I can vouch for), integrating these aspects into your regular method is an essential means to enhance your having fun.

This is the 9th publication of the training course. It has memory methods and method routines that can be made use of right from the beginning.

This section of the program will further your understanding of key signatures, triads, 7th chords, and melodious patterns, which are all extremely valuable for the lessons in the other books.



This short e-book is not related straight to piano, however it has pointers on creative thinking, emphasis, as well as incorporating mindfulness into your daily regimen, all methods which are beneficial for learning a tool.


Currently allow’s sum up a few of the benefits and drawbacks of the “Piano for all” teaching training course.


  • Pianoforall supplies visual and acoustic lessons. This is an excellent alternative for those that don’t feel comfortable paying attention to songs or aren’t acquainted with reviewing ebooks.
  • Having the videos as well as audio clips embedded in the digital books makes it incredibly easy to accessibility this material when you need it.
  • Play immediately: You will certainly seem like you are making progress right initially.
  • Use popular songs. This will make it much easier for you to play by ear and also you’ll likewise delight in playing tunes you understand.
  • Songs advertises musicality: Piano techniques for novices usually forget to show you exactly how to play by ear, improvise, and also compose melodies.
  • Pianoforall instructs these abilities extensively, offering you a solid base of musicality and making certain that you’ll always have something to play.
  • This program urges you to utilize your left hand greater than standard piano curriculums.

Like numerous conventional piano players, I was made use of to concentrating just on my right-hand man. As my pieces ended up being more complex, I found it needed to spend a great deal of time exercising the left-hand parts.

Considering that Pianoforall motivates you to exercise much more with the left hand than the right, students of this program will certainly be much less likely have a “lazy” left hand.

  • The info is clear and also easy to understand: Although a little much less thorough than printed educational program such as Faber’s Piano Adventures (printed curriculum), these e-books are arranged well and also visually tidy.


  • Technique is not the main emphasis: Traditional piano educators remind pupils regarding their hand placement, posture, wrist, finger and also body language.While absence of this mentor is a noticeable downside of on-line piano training courses generally, Pianoforall in particular does not resolve it.I advise supplementing the training course with lessons (YouTube counts) that teach pose as well as other techniques.
  • Stay clear of reviewing songs. Even in books that are a lot more dependent on sheet music, the names as well as in some cases the possibility to improvisate are usually offered.Also though one of the goals of the course is to show you exactly how to check out songs, it would be simple to come out with a less-than-stellar understanding of this skill.
  • Numerous terms and also notation icons for piano are missing: Although the curriculum consists of sufficient terms and icons to enable trainees to play standard sheet music and also improvisate by ear, they may be perplexed by unknown markings.If you’re one such pupil, Hall advises supplementing his training course with product that instructs the terms and icons of songs notation.

Who is this training course best for?

Pianoforall is made for complete beginners. Its mentor design is fairly different from traditional piano programs. Even those with standard understanding of classic piano may find it handy in learning to play by ear or improvise.

Pianoforall is not designed for classical artists. It focuses on popular music and also jazz.

Reserve Eight shows trainees how to check out short classical items. Nevertheless, this program will certainly supply a structure that will certainly permit you to expand your classical having fun understanding as opposed to simply instruct you.

The content might be different, Pianoforall’s head initially, dive-right in method to playing the piano is the exact same as that utilized in grown-up courses such as Faber’s Grown-up Piano Adventures series.

Grownups aspire to discover and also won’t choose basic tunes from youngsters for the first few months. Pianoforall is a fantastic device for teenagers and grownups that wish to create real songs promptly.

These songs are additionally suitable for adult students.

These are wonderful tunes that many individuals recognize, and they are certainly much better than “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”. However, let’s not neglect that older generations might be a lot more thrilled regarding this choice than the younger.


Pianoforall promises a great deal, however it could provide for determined students. Pianoforall is a fantastic means to help you accomplish your piano goals.

This program will not prepare you for innovative classic songs, it will certainly outfit you with the skills necessary to play in bands, take demands, or simply sit down at the piano and also simply delight in playing. Free Online Piano Course

Your skills will additionally offer you the structure to discover the songs you love.

The worth of understanding chords, developments, keys, as well as the framework of songs can not be downplayed for any style of songs.

Hall compares his training course with discovering the alphabet to being able to write any type of sentence you like. It’s a great analogy.

Piano for All builds your skills from square one, so you can play not only other people’s songs yet additionally your very own.

It’s an one-of-a-kind approach that typically feels like placing the cart prior to the equine – however it functions.

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