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How to Learn Piano Chords and How to Write Chord Progression

by Miss Artagence

Learning how to learn piano chords fast is very important in order to get better at playing the piano. You do not need to be an accomplished pianist to learn how to read piano chords, but it does help. Just learning to read music for this purpose will allow you to pick up any tune and begin playing it within a short period of time. If you have never learned how to read music before then this will be very important.

Piano chords

You will be able to learn piano chords by studying chords on the keyboard. There are two basic types of chords that you can learn to play on the keyboard. The first type of chords are known as open chords. These are chords that are closed off and are formed by inserting your fingers into the key. The second type of chords are called closed chords which are formed by pulling your fingers closed together when you place them over a string.

In order to learn piano chords fast you must use the right hand and practice moving your fingers from the keys to the flat 3rd, 5th, and flat 7th notes on each string. When you place your fingers onto the strings they should be flat against the fret board. When you look at the fretboard with your eyes closed you will find that the flat 3rd, 5th, and flat 7th notes are also flat. This is what you will need to move from key to key. If your fingers do not form a straight line from the flat 3rd to the flat 7th, it is best to use a guide to learn how to read music.

The next thing you need to know when you are learning how to read piano chords which keys to use for each string. The most popular shape for piano keys is the half note or flat, major, and minor. You will notice that the third finger, used to play the flat 7th, has three numbers beside it. The numbers refer to the positions on the fret board where the flat notes are located.

Learning how to read piano chords and chord progressions are vital parts of learning how to learn how to read music. If you do not have access to a keyboard or are unable to view the music you can use guides that help you see the notes while you are playing. Some people like to have a pencil and paper so they can actually see the notes while they are playing. Another way is to use a chord progressions sheet which is very similar to a chord chart.

If you want to know how to read music then learning to use the basic tips is essential. One thing that you can do is change the order of your fingers so that you are starting on the beat instead of the fourth of the fifth finger. Learning to listen and count correctly is another thing that takes time but you will eventually be playing any song in time with no problem at all.

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