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What You Need to Know When Buying a Piano For Beginners

by Miss Artagence

So you have decided that it is time for you to start learning how to play the piano. Great choice! You have made a sound decision. The difficult part of the journey though is coming up with some way to learn how to play the piano for beginners.

best digital pianos for beginners

If you are purchasing a piano for beginners, the first thing to consider is the price point. Buying a keyboard out right can be very expensive, especially if you want something a little more high tech. For instance, an electronic keyboard may cost you between eighty-eight to ninety dollars. If you buy an instrument like that, it probably won’t be practical for you to purchase lessons right away because you probably will not be able to afford to hire a personal instructor.

One option that is much less expensive is to buy a keyboard that uses digital sounds. Digital synthesizers have a number of sound options that are great for people who aren’t necessarily experienced at playing piano but want to create some music. Most pianists don’t want to use an electronic keyboard, because when they first start out, the electronic keyboard will have too many sound options that can confuse them and make it difficult for them to figure out what key is which.

However, pianists who are beginners might be able to get by with a keyboard that uses weighted piano keys. This isn’t a great idea for every beginning piano player. First of all, weight means less movement in your wrists. Weighted pianos give the sensation of a springy keyboard, and that is definitely an enjoyable experience. However, weighted keyboards can also have a tendency to have a sharp edge at the edges, so beginners might find that their wrists hurt after a while.

So if you’re looking for a good beginner keyboard, the best thing to do is go with a digital keyboard. Digital keyboards offer a number of great sound options, including sampled playback, up and coming keys, and even weighted keys. These keyboards are quite easy to play, and beginners should be able to reach the beginner level with relative ease. Another benefit of a digital keyboard is that you can connect it to your computer and use it from virtually anywhere. You won’t have to worry about lugging your piano over to your practice room or living in a dorm room to start learning.

Another great feature of a keyboard that is suitable for beginners is MIDI compatibility. Most modern pianos will ship with some type of midi interface or controller. If your piano doesn’t come with a MIDI controller, or if you want to be able to use your new keyboard with a variety of different instruments, you will need to purchase a midi interface. MIDI compatibility is especially important if you are purchasing an instrument that will be used in a professional capacity, as most professional musicians prefer to only use midi equipment that has been designed and tested for piano use.

Another great piano for beginners instrument that is readily available today is the Casio Beatles Rock Jam Digital piano. This fine model offers four extra keys which can be utilized for freestyle and improvised playing, as well as for composing or performing music for other people. Like many Casio instruments, the Beatles Rock Jam comes with a virtual drum kit, an audio recorder, an MP3 player, and an audio keyboard. The virtual keyboard allows you to play music from a variety of sources, including internet files, internet libraries, or other digital music players.

For those who like a piano with a wider range of sounds, but would rather not play on the instrument’s keyboards, the Casio Digital Piano has unweighted keys. Unweighted keys are much quieter than weighted ones, making them perfect for recording purposes, yet louder than a standard computer keyboard. In addition to having a more natural tone, unweighted keys have a fuller range of tones than their weighted counterparts. The versatility of the Casio Digital Piano is further improved by its ability to be used with computers, microphones, and headphones, as it includes a built-in microphone that plugs into your computer’s USB port.

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